PlayStation 2 Is Dead, Long Live The PlayStation 2


Sad day today, The PlayStation 2 was officially declared dead today. A mere 28 days after its 16 years anniversary (in the west). The production hasn’t been huge the last decade and the last factory closed down in 2013, but its been enough for people out there in poor countries to play on, the console has one of the best game libraries out there.

Finding a PS2 in a shop here in Norway the last 8 or so years have been difficult and next to impossible since 2010, in countries like Poland, Russia, Mexico, South America, Africa and so on has been a different story, these countries and other ones are the single reason for the console to live this long.

The last official (Big studio release) title released on the console was a FIFA game after that the releases were mostly illegal bootleg copies or remaster from the PS1 etc. A few porn games were also released.

The console saw many hacks and such over the years and the most popular one lately has been the hard drive hack which enables you to use any game out there on the HDD without a copy protection etc, we still find these things in countries like Spain, cheap price tag and an HDD with 100’s of names attached.

So, my top of the day is that if you want a brand new PS2 then you should hurry up, they will go up in price and even if it has sold over 155 million units the price of a new console will cost you quite a bit for sure in a while.

Yes, the PlayStation 3 has been out for 10 years now. Will the PS3 live for another 6 years before it will be discontinued?

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10 thoughts on “PlayStation 2 Is Dead, Long Live The PlayStation 2

    1. Misconception about the discontinuation in 2013. The factory ended production but SONY liscensed out to resellers. There was a ps2 game released last week with sony logo on it. Russian produced and bootleg for sure.
      Support lines, PS2 PSN support ended today, as in all servers are now closed.

  1. Only liscesend stuff, no units produced except for controllers etc. Last shop units are now gone. online servers, support etc was put to rest today. Last online game was FFXI which shut down today together with the ps2 psn

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