I almost forgot this one (the article was meant to be published yesterday night), but it is never too late to make a toast for our beloved Sony consoles. As many of you may already know March 4, 2000, was the Japanese launch date for what became a true legend: the most successful and best-selling gaming console of all times! 19 years is an absolute record and, even if Sony officially closed the unit production at the beginning of January 2013, some games were published until the end of 2014 with official support that only ended at the end of 2018.

According to the official web site, the PlayStation 2 sold over 155 million units worldwide and nearly 4,000 games were released for a grand total of over 1.5 billion copies. The console was produced for almost 9 years and sold officially until Jan. 4, 2013.

Many gamers, myself included as stated here, consider the Playstation 2 one of the best consoles of all time, despite its totally custom architecture that made it difficult for many developers to fully grasp the concept behind it. When they finally did (also thanks to Sony support), awesome games were produced: products that touched every possible genre of the time, often inventing new ones. The Playstation 2 basically defeated every possible contender starting form the Sega Dreamcast and despite the fact that such (great) console came out on November 27, 1998 (more than a year earlier). The console war was then won without any particular struggle against the original Xbox and the Nintendo Gamecube (at least here in Europe), even though many would have probably preferred a different outcome according to the equation “stronger consoles, better games for everyone”.

There never was, and probably there will never be, a console like this one. So … Long live the “Black Monolith”. You are a true legend. Happy Birthday, PlayStation 2!

EDIT: We did an article back in 2016 when Sony decided to officially pull the plug.

PlayStation 2 Is Dead, Long Live The PlayStation 2


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7 thoughts on “19 Years And Counting. Long Live the PS2

    1. Fixed 😉 .

      I also pushed it at twitter etc, i wanted to push a Vita article too today… will be tomorrow then as they (finally) ended production of that one too this week 🙁

  1. “Black Monolith”…LoL
    In Japan, the “DVD-player feature” was also a boost for PlayStation 2 ‘s supremacy.
    It would have been a strong appeal to those who do not usually play games.
    (Well well? Similar features were installed in the X-box…)
    I am an X-box fan, but it is also true that there are many memories of PlayStation 2. ^^

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