Was in shops today. Just looking about as you do. Seen PSVR for sale for 150 with a camera. Though I’ve not really tried that and its been a few years since launch maybe its time to give it a go. Guy said its 20% of so hey presto VR for 120 Quid. Result

Well stone the crow, what have i missed. Astro bots are great i love it, all the mini games are very cool. And really show off the system. Kinda like Mario does on most Nintendo systems.

But in all honesty that just warmed me up for 5 mins of terror, as i booted the Kitchen Demo up.

Never have i been so keen to get away from something. Because it was so immersive. Ok, the second time through will be ok, nope it just hits the nerve every time. Just watching it on screen doesn’t feel very scary but enclosed in the VR headset there is no escape, it scared me to the point were i removed the headset twice. I know its a technical demo but wow. What a nice showcase. Shown it to a few peeps and they all felt the same. Some were very shaken for sure.

I’m now downloading 6 VR games i wanna play just to see.

But gosh i feel so late to the party. I’ve missed a lot of fun. Maybe its still a messy device and cables everywhere but it was very easy

I think everyone should give it a go. And can only say to those that haven’t, get in the game…

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6 thoughts on “PSVR How Did I Miss That?

  1. I got the VR at day one, but I don’t use it as often as I should. Now you understand why Tony keeps bashing me about it.
    Great to see you love it and cool to have a new co-editor, it seems.?

        1. I been playing the full resident evil 7 under the lads account and they have the psycho bird thing down to pefection,

          Upset at loosing my hand lol

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