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A new console means new gizmos and new tech stuff and Sony have always tried to be one step ahead with their hardware but after a few missteps they seem more “careful” in their testing and releasing brand new unknown stuff so instead, they have gone for motion and camera stuff…
The PlayStation 4 camera is the 3rd generation EyeToy, a tech that never has been amazing or such and the quality have been rather crappy and badly supported by 3rd party developers and as for this new camera the quality have been bumped up a few notches from the PS3 version but if it’s enough remains to be seen as there is simply too few titles out there supporting it….
The picture above: Yes that is indeed me (to the left) and Mj^MSV to the right. Laid back indeed!.

The Playroom
title is sadly not anything like the EyeToy games from the PS2 times and i gotta say that i am still wondering why there ain’t any on the PS3 either as that franchise was awesome. This new game/tech demo offers very little game time out of the box but it’s free and bundled with all consoles by default and best of all is that there is free DLC for it which offers a few new cool things and those things proves that there is a future for Camera and motion gaming if done right.
Picture Above: we had a couple of drinks and had some good fun, ok we got really drunk!.

The presentation of The Playroom is slick, fun looking and will make the grumpiest old lady in the street smile, maybe only for a second but she will smile. With the DLC and the game itself there is so far only a few game types but they will last a few evenings i guess and some of the trophies will make you sweat like a pig and most likely give you game RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by that i mean a running game which is reminiscent of all those iOS/Android titles where you run straight forward and you only steer left and right as well as jumping and yes you might have tried a gazillion of them by now but believe me this is a fun variant.

Picture Above: what? no, we are not relaxed at all, funny how a picture can lie like this! , see the vid…

The game has a pong clone which is in vector-styled graphics which use motion as well as normal controls, it was fun for about 1 minute…ok lets be nice and say 10… but as i have mentioned earlier there is better stuff in the package and one of them being the one pictured above where you fly a blob-like thing on a saucer/u.f.o. where you (no you are not anal probing anything!!) jump from location to location smashing stuff and suck up cows, cars, and humans, jolly good fun.

Picture Above: At one step we decided to go trophy hunting and most of them were achieved in a matter of hours…except 3…

For a motion game, this game played really well and i must admit it was less of a workout than expected, this is no Sports Champions for sure but it would have been nice if there had at least been bowling in here but i guess that might come eventually.
If Sony plan on giving away DLC for free then that will be awesome but i fear the DLC will be overlooked because there’s no info screen inside the app itself so one has to go to the store and look for add-ons themselves.

Ok, this was it, for now, sit back and enjoy this very long (and boring?) video of us experimenting a bit with the tech and the bundled games, sadly i did not remember to record the DLC but i might add that when there is more stuff out.
The tech itself is very responsive and it is cool that you can do all of the stuff with the controller itself and that you don’t need a Move controller or such,also we tried the game with the curtains open and there was no problem whatsoever with the controls because of it so all in all this makes the PSMove look like a toy compared to the DS4.
The game itself needs more stuff, for now, it just feels like a tech demo.

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