The Amiga Song – Eric Schwartz Returns To The Amiga With A Bang!

The Amiga community keeps on surprising us with all sorts of good news lately, and the latest one was today when i found out about a new Eric Schwartz music movie.

It is a few days old now and most likely pretty known out there but i decided to hype it up a little anyway.

The new animation is so good that i first thought that the song is an Original Amiga only song which was written for this video. While the earlier videos from Eric was good i have to say that this is one of the better ones.

Sit back and enjoy a bit of classic fun.

Make it count, spread the news.

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12 thoughts on “The Amiga Song – Eric Schwartz Returns To The Amiga With A Bang!

  1. Woah

    Omg fantastico!

  2. Amazing

    News to me! Awesome stuff

  3. Lorna elder

    As you would say – i came a little.

  4. Grumpy

    Are they mocking the mac?


    • Paul

      The amiga, pc and Mac wars will never end lol

      • Amigafan

        We shall never schtop! ?

  5. Love it! Sent shivers down my spine in places 🙂 Always been a fan of Eric’s work

  6. I love the song and video , Super great , see the video almost everyday now.

  7. Clearly OUTSTANDING !

  8. This one is great. 🙂 Brings a smile to my face when watching it! Amiga rulez!

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