I’ve always been fond of video games, even if I really sucked at them in the arcade era. When “superior” consoles come out, with plenty of accessories and saving capabilities, I started to think that my turn has finally come.

I so decided to buy a PSX, and Tomb Raider 2 was my killer application for it.

It was back in December ’97, and my life was about to change. Almost two decades after, here we go again!

The new chapter of Tomb Raider reboot has been announced just yesterday, and I already know that I will buy a PS4 for sure (well, to be honest, I already own FF14 in limited edition, but that’s another story! smiley)
So here it is, the first image of Lara, directly taken from the announcement trailer:


edit: i fixed it for you :-). –ToAks…

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