I did a game review of Turbo Sprint at launch (which scored a high 8 out of 10), a game I still play a lot even though I played it way too much before launch lol (tester). The box came a few weeks ago but today is the first day that I actually got a chance to do a written unboxing for the blog.

Turbo Sprint is from the makers of Rygar and yes the TS box quality,form-factor and style are like the Rygar one which means everything is just utterly brilliant.

The front sells the game by itself IMHO, brilliant glossy box and clean stylish 80s design.

The back of the box is no different in quality, it looks absolutely gobsmacking and just like some of the other games lately for the Amiga, these boxes are must-haves for collectors and fans.

The pictures simply don’t do it enough justice.

More pictures of the box, beautiful spines and lovely foam stuff inside.

Gotta love that the art also crosses over into the inside of the box too (see right hand picture).

A nice USB F1 Stick is also included in the box.

I have no idea about the specs and what is on it sadly as I simply forgot to test it, I can add that info later if anyone wonders (or Graeme can respond in the comments below)

Awesome floppy sticker and the CD32 disk label looks sweet too.

The CD32 version was never planned but something I suggested and helped with so that one is just a bonus and while it is “just” a CD-R (which is professionally printed btw) it is still better than nothing at all.

The manual is also of very high quality, the paper is glossy with loads of pictures and stuff which is laid out perfectly throughout the little but well made manual.

Some more pictures of the manual, really good to see that some publishers and developers are still trying to do manuals these days where everything is digital on other formats.

I asked Graeme for a signature and got that, I hope to get Kevin and Martin’s too at one point, what a fantastic team!

I wonder what we will work on next :-p

Here are all the bits and the score you wanted, joking aside it has to be said that this is YET another box that YOU want to have in your collection and guess what, they are almost sold out too now so If you want one then hurry up and order it from the website.  Brilliant box and a really good game to boot is something of a luxury for us Amiga people so make sure to show some support if possible so that more games can be made one day.

2021 has so far been a fantastic year for physical boxes on the Amiga and there are a few more coming soon that will most likely blow our minds too which means our score system will soon become a problem if this keeps up but until then…


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