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Another Amiga game arrived in my postbox yesterday, this is one of those few that I had no idea was even in development until I saw it on AmigaBill’s stream some months back, the name of the game is Slayers Of High Toro which is published by the rapidly growing  Bitmap Soft.

Slayers Of High Toro is developed by Blitmaps and it is based on a PC title called Slay which has quite the following it seems (albeit unknown to me).

I have not had time to try the game yet so a review of that has to come later which means I’ll only do a box review for now.

Bitmap Soft has always strived to make awesome Amiga boxes and every one of them so far has been really good and Slayers Of High Toro is no exception and by all means the best box from them so far.

The front (and sides) of the box has a really awesome glossy colour foil shine which is a bit reminiscent of Poly.play’s upcoming Inviyya box.

The quality of the print, the glossy look etc makes this a really good centrepiece in anyone’s collection and that is even if you ain’t into this kind of stuff.

The back of the box hasn’t got the shiny colour foil effect like the front but it is still glossy and looks really good.

The whole art style of the box is like no other box in my collection, it really feels like a breath of fresh air and even though if it ain’t gonna be my first of the best looking boxes out there lately.

The manual is one of the bigger the last few years, 14 pages with colours and lots of pictures and info.  The paper quality is really good too.

Gotta love how the manual is done, love how they added advertisements of their older games in it plus all the graphics and stuff used to fill up the pages in a very readable way with good readable fonts etc.

A lovely poster is also included in the box and one that will most definitely go up on my ceiling (my walls are already covered in shelves with thousands of game boxes) like the rest of the Amiga game posters from 2017 and up to now have done (lots of room still so), a really unique and colourful poster for sure.

The floppy sticker is another good looking one, really like how clean the art is for the stuff.

The box also comes with a sticker (middle picture) and a pin/badge and both of them are well made and the quality seems good too.

Ok, sadly there’s one negative thing with this box… 

As the pictures above it show some really annoying things for us collectors out there, it is not a big problem per se but at the same time it is a thing that has been going on in the Amiga market for quite some time now, the box size standard is ever-changing and stuff looks bad on the shelf next to each other.

The left image is just to show the logo and icon disparities, it is far from a big one as this is just front and backside and you will never stack them like this on the shelf anyway but still an odd choice from the designer.

The right-hand picture shows the three Amiga Bitmap Soft’s boxes, three lovely boxes on their own but stacked on top of each other shows a collectors nightmare, or rather my OCD :p

It is not really a big problem but I tell these to all publishers, chose a standard and stay with it if possible, there are so many good publishers on Amiga now with really cool boxes and I as a collector would love to see a certain standard to things which makes them look good on the shelf.

The explanation for this situation is that Bitmap Soft has tried various box makers for all three games and that is a very acceptable reason.

Hopefully, the next Bitmap Soft game (Turbo Tomato) will be the same size as Slayers Of High Toro now that they have finally found a box maker that they want to use (If I understood them correctly).

A fantastic looking collector’s item for sure, the box is giving me goosebumps looking at it and the lovely style and aesthetics of the rest just makes me smile from ear to ear. Definitely one of the best looking boxes in recent years for the Amiga and one that YOU should make sure to have in your collection right away. Bitmap Soft has been on my radar since before they started doing Amiga game publishing (I think I might have been one of the reasons for them jumping into Amiga publishing too) for several reasons but one of them is because of their style and excellent ways to connect with both developers and collectors.  

Want to buy the game?  The reviewed (limited?) collector’s box from this article costs £25 and is available right now from the Bitmap Soft website.

Long Live Amiga, Support Developers, Publishers, Community and You.

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  1. Nice and clean artstyle so I agree. Like it quite abit. Not goosebumps but still very cool. Thanks for showing us! 😊😊👌

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