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So yet again there was released an Amiga game without any news items around the web, well this is in fact just a minigame but i still think it needs to get a foot out in the limelight.

Asgard Met Vikings is a drinking mini-game, it’s quite similar to the Mick and Mack minigame which was part of that game back in the very early 90’s which btw is not a game i really would call a classic (That crappy camera scrolling was an absolute game breaker for me).


So this Viking game was released at a demo party, as demoscene party actually and from time to time there are some really good games in the “game” category and one that i still can’t get out of my head after all these years are Dreamcars , that is an instant classic and i have no idea how many hours i have played it but one thing is for sure and that is that it must have been 50+ by now.

Asgard Met Vikings are addicting but far from other games out there but it’s still fun to see an Original (nonported) game on the Amiga 500 again (second this year along with various ports and remakes).


See those Vikings?, looks a lot like the Vikings in that 1993 Blizzard game called THE LOST VIKINGS but it’s not so don’t go ape here and get the idea of starting an armchair lawsuit in here…

So now all of you go like, why does it look so… not sexy? , well game compo’s at demo party’s is for fun (just like the rest of the party entries) and it’s not meant to be a commercial game or whatever and most of all the compo deadlines can also be quite short (if any).

For what it’s worth, i like the design, it’s clean and it does the job as well as being blazing fast and that is just what you need for a game like this.


So here’s the deal, that god in the cloud will throw down bottles of “beer?” down at you which you should pick up before they hit the ground and you can hold only a few bottles before you have to “empty” them in the barrel(s) on either side of the screen.

Creatures like “beer” too so naturally they want them to do so in order to not make them piss you off or steal your “brewsky” you have to hit them in the head to slap em off into creature land.

Never mess with a Vikings drink!.

Here you get to see the game in 2 player mode, works great and good fun but i still think it loses it’s “fun” after a few hours tops.
4BEER!, GROG, BREWSKI!!! you name it… it’s falling from the sky!, i wish it was money but i am no Viking so bear with me on this one.

Ok so that’s it then, the game is a tiny mini-game but it’s fun and it was made for fun and you can use it as a drinking game but i guess that an Amiga owner will turn to other games over this one shortly after as there are so many games to chose from in the land of Amiga.

Try it and support the devs, i am sure they want comments on the game.

Grab the game at

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