Amiga Has Superior Operating System – Quantum Apocalypse


Ok, so this is old news indeed but it seems like this movie went by without a lot of Amiga people even noticing it, sure it’s not a kick-ass movie or whatever, it’s a B-Movie at best but it has a few memorable scenes for people who have used an Amiga or still do.

The movie is the usual Disaster end of the world type of movie and everything is really far fetched but there is one thing that is very true in this movie and that is a line that the guy says two times in the movie…and no, I am not speaking about the VGA cable :p… it’s “The Amiga has superior Operating System”.


The Amiga 4000 is visible in many scenes and it’s almost like the guy is an actual Amiga user..if not then the director/casting or whatever certainly knows someone…

So why was the Amiga brought to NASA? , well … the PC’s there had gone “blue screen” of course..or whatever, funnily enough, we (Amiga users and core) know that NASA used Amiga a lot in the 80’s and 90’s and up to just a few years back one could spot them in pictures from the NASA sites….. Anyway… The Amiga saves the day/World…. or did it?.

The movie seems to be available as a free download on the web as well as on Youtube but I will just link to the trailer, for now, oh and I will also hand you the Amiga oriented stuff served on a plate by an old friend from England.

(EDIT: June 2015, the link is gone it seems…)

That’s it, yes the quality is iffy but it does the trick. enjoy.

and here is the official movie trailer from the 2010 movie Quantum Apocalypse.

(pictures and video(s) come from various places. thanks to them who made it easier for me:))

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