2021 – A Better Year For Our Beloved Website?


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, to kick off this new year I have decided to do a small news update to why the blog more or less died off in 2020.

I have been very busy the last year with so many things that blogging has been on the backburner, I know that I have promised to return to blogging and to try and rescue this once a quite popular website but sadly I can’t guarantee that this year will be any better just yet as I will still try and help others before doing anything with the blog, I hope that everyone out there will understand my priorities and why I find helping others is more important right now.


The best thing in 2020 for me was that we were blessed to get another baby, his name is Phillip and finally after 10 years of trying Sebastian finally got a brother (one of his biggest wishes (ours too TBH)). Having a Baby at the age of 45 has been an extremely busy ride, to say the least, Phillip came to the world with Colic and from March to September was quite heavy on all of the family thanks to it but the small things that babies do make it worthwhile and yes it was tough but I would totally have gone through it all again if so.


In between all of this, there was game development on games like Wiz (which all of you probably have heard of by now LOL) and the upcoming Shoot ‘Em Up game from Michael Borrmann called Inviyya have taken a lot of time as well as 3 (yes!) other game projects that I am involved in that I won’t go too deep into right now as I will leave it to the developers to announce or update the info on the projects first, anyways I have been extremely busy helping where I can. 


Gianluca has tried his best to help fill the gap with lots of posts and I am forever grateful of that as without him 2020 would have been a dull year here on the blog for sure, how such a busy man find the time to help our blog is amazing.

I have gone through the source and fixed the login problems (social media ones will be done too shortly), I have also fixed various slow loading issues for pictures by adding compression and such that will hopefully fix the problems some of your guys have had lately.

A redesign of the actual site has been planned for a while and I really want to start from scratch but with the little time I have for these things means it will take a lot longer than I had planned and therefore it will remain just a pipedream for now.

The Facebook page and Twitter will be revived soon, the reason is just simply maintenance issues (and everchanging rules and other social media annoyances) and me being lazy (or erm… busy).

I have thought about merging the site with another to make both sites better content-wise, time will show if this happens or not but if it happens this site will still run as normal as well as the other one too, my good friend Neil has asked before and I have said that I will think about it… STILL THINKING here 😀


That is all for now, I promise a return but unsure on when and how for now. I will continue to do unboxing stuff and general new game release hype posts if possible but that is all for now sadly.

Thanks for understanding and as always I will never take your visits to the blog for granted, every visit counts hehe but jokes aside I still check visitor numbers and they are still OK but far from what it was when we actively posted every second day or so, that said the blog will not be discontinued/closed, have no fear of that.

Best Regards


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4 thoughts on “2021 – A Better Year For Our Beloved Website?

  1. Phillip is a gem! 😀 So of course family comes first! But I am so glad you are involved in many Amiga project! You really know your stuff! 😉

    Good to see that the blog has not died completely! 😛

  2. No worries Tony, I still drop buy and post the of article. But have a read of most things :).

    Thank goodness for fixing the login thing was driving me nuts for sure.

    Speaking of someone who between me and my partner have 5 kids , I know how much time they take up and COVID doesn’t help. But family should always come first.

    I hope we all have a great 2021 and I hope the blog is more active. Will try and get a few articles posted mate. Got a series X lying here to unbox to when I get round to it lol.

    Happy Late New Year Everyone. Stay Safe.

  3. Congratulations on the “release” of Baby Phillip!

    You’ve got a fantastic blog here. I think it’s understood that life comes first and hobbies second. Take care and keep up the good work.

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