Coded by Dave Jones and published by Psygnosis in 1991, Lemmings is one of those games that entered the Hall of Fame of videogames and that need no presentation. Amiga Computing magazine awarded it a superb score of 97%, claiming that:

Lemming is absolutely brilliant. Psygnosis have managed to produce a game that is not only totally original but also features the kind of addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more time and time again. If you only ever intend buying one game for your Amiga, it’s got to be Lemmings. Put simply, Lemming is an absolute Amiga classic.

The gameplay is rather simple: using the different peculiar skills of those cute rodents (or whatever they are), you need to seek an exit for all of them or, at least, a set percentage. You will have to move through colorful stages and shrink your brains to find a way out at all costs, sacrificing a few lemmings included.

After all, isn’t it what they say about them? That they are all voted to suicide? Find this and much more inside Martin Grundy’s calendars?

Pictures courtesy of Lemon Amiga.

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2 thoughts on “A Look At Lemmings

  1. Many fond memories of this game and many near broken keyboards lol. A classic game.
    Starts of easy and finishes on the fiendishly difficult.
    Surely you should have started this article with let’s go lol

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