The ongoing stream of Amiga releases never cease to amaze me, I mean, “Hibernated 1 – This place is death” has to be something like the 20th or so game in the last year or so alone and that ain’t a bad thing for a dead format, right?

The thing with this Hibernated 1 box release though is that this ain’t an Amiga exclusive release but it is actually a complete package for just about every classic format out there, well at least in terms of the formats that were doing well back in the 80s and early 90s anyway, more about that soon.

Hibernated 1 – This place is death is a text adventure game developed by Pond software and published by and this is probably where you go, hmm, where have I heard about them before?

Pond Software has been rather active on the Commodore 64 over the years and they certainly have made a name for themselves in terms of quality.

I first encountered the publisher with the release of Zerosphere CD32, a pretty ok game by itself but the game box and extras amazed me, a proper collectible, feel free to read my review here.

After the release of Zerosphere, it was a given that I would continue my support when and if they went and did more Amiga releases, Hibernated 1 is the first release since then.

The box is as good as the Zerosphere one, proper cardboard box and even better for the collectors out there as it comes factory shrink wrapped.

The front picture really sets the mood of the game and heck it even looks like a true title from the 80s.

The back of the box is well laid out with a good font and nice pictures, the design is really good for such a game IMO.

This is how an Amiga Exclusive version would have looked like I guess, here you can see the Amiga floppy disk, Manual and the game box.

Looks incredible right?

This release comes with a big A3 Poster too, the same image as the front cover and manual but still awesome looking and yes, the print quality is impeccable.

The manual front as mentioned earlier looks great but it is the same image as the front of the box (and poster).

The manual itself ain’t exactly thick but it is laid out in a very good and detailed way which more or less tells you all you need to know about the game.

They have crammed a lot of information in those few printed pages but it is well worth a read for most nonetheless.

It’s at least 20 years now since the last time I held a floppy disk like this, heck I believe it’s just as long since I even saw one, my head screams NOSTALGIA and my heart screams THOSE WERE THE DAYS.  

My Commodore 64 love is still strong.

Lovely disk label btw 🙂

How about an Atari ST and an IBM PC floppy?

Yup, they are all included in the box.


Relax, it is just some brand new tapes, 2 versions come on tape and the first one is the ZX Spectrum release and the second one is the Amstrad CPC version.

Amazing to find brand new tapes today, I mean, who would have believed that 20 years ago that they would still produce them now in 2019?

Some promotional posters are included in the box too, Doomsday and Zerosphere showed here.

Doomsday looks incredible, wish I had any interest in the Amstrad as it seems to be an exclusive title for that format.

More promotional stuff…

Now, this is something I never thought I would see, a brand new game for the Commodore PET.

Both games look really good, one for the PET and another one for the Amstrad… Time to scout for some Youtube vids I guess.

They also included a Micro SD card in the box (they also did this with Zerosphere) and on this “stick” you find various things like promotional stuff and digital versions of all the versions.

Lots of stickers included in the box too, sure it might be mostly promotional stuff but who cares? stickers get slapped on towers and people bring them to parties and such, good stuff.  These stickers (like everyone else in my home) stays in the box tho.

Hah, an iron patch for your Levis jacket or whatever, l love it but got no place to put it so it will stay in the box.

The boxed Hibernated 1 editions come in many flavors, you can buy just the Commodore 64 version or the Amiga version if you want to, same goes for every available version I guess, the All In One collector’s box I have reviewed here is most definitely the most impressive of the lot.

The version I have reviewed here can be bought here for 33Euro.

The Amiga Collector’s Edition can be bought here for 20Euro.

All the available versions of Hibernated 1 can be bought from here,  the single versions start on 20 Euro which means the all in one version is recommended if you want more value for money.

Hibernated 1 Collector’s Edition certainly delivers on the nostalgia part with cassettes, 5-inch floppy disks and so on, but the thing that is the most impressive is how complete everything feels and looks, everything looks brand new but feels old and correct for such a game. I have decided to not review the game itself as it is a text adventure which means that doing anything visual is hard, that said there is a really cool playthrough on Youtube that is well worth a look.

Oh and one more thing, the box also includes a DLC/code and link for a new game from the same team called Eight Feet Under.

Want a new text adventure in your collection? – Look no further.

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  1. Just ordered the C64 version on 5.25” floppy. Damn, that “All in one” collector’s edition was no longer available…. Shame on me!

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