Summing up Speedball II is an almost impossible task. It retains the basic gameplay of the original, but expands on practically every part of it. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to fault in Speedball II, the people involved have produced a sequel which far exceeds any of my high expectations and, in the process, have created a game which is without a doubt a classic.

With these words, in March 1991, CU Amiga granted the game 96% as an overall score and a Screen Star Award. Once again, the incredible Bitmap Brothers managed to produce a game that would raise the level of the software to come in order to keep pace with those remarkable coders.

Fast and brutal action were the keys to success. High playability and a well-conceived futuristic visual made the rest. After all these years Speedball II remains a timeless classic, well worthy of your time. Not having a 9,6 to among my pictures, I will eagerly promote it to a full 10. Enjoy!

Text and inspiration taken from Martin Grundy calendars; pictures courtesy of LemonAmiga.

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1 thought on “A Look At Speedball II

  1. This was not a game I had on my original Amiga 500 back in the 1990’s. I only acquired it from a seller’s game bundle in the past few years. A friend of mine used to play it back in the 1990’s, so we threw it on. We didn’t end our friendship, but it got testy because it felt like Speedball II had a few different ways to cheat, throwing the ball into the side winder, which gives you double or triple points for a goal. I almost broke a few controls.
    I recorded a VHS/DVD recently of our two-player game. Hopefully someone can find it fun to watch.

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