Most if not all of you have probably heard about the Oasis by now, right?  The Oasis is an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric James Halliday and to go there will require one to use their VR set, yes this is what the movie (& book) Ready Player One is all about.

Steven Spielberg’s movie adaption of the book is indeed far from the original work in many places but at the same time, it does so many things right that it is really worth watching, especially if you are a gamer and more so if you are into VR gaming.

Ready Player One is more or less 2 hours with easter eggs and gamer-orgasm, all of this put into the world of VR to make it even better.

You get to climb with Batman, build stuff in Minecraft, race with the car from Back to the future, race Akira’s motorbike, King Kong is there too, the Virtuality (no idea if it is the Amiga model or the PC one) VR unit can be found in the movie and yes there’s even a 1541 floppy drive in the movie.

Yes, these are just a few of the hundreds(?) of easter eggs found in the movie, it is well worth watching and this brings me to the best part, you should watch it with this…

Yup, it is the PlayStation VR headset and it is the perfect match to watch this movie in for several reasons:

  1. The PSVR supports 3D Blu-Ray’s, one person can watch it with the visor, others can watch it the regular way with 3D glasses at the same time (if you got a 3DTV and 3D glasses of course).
  2. A 3DTV is not required to be able to watch 3D movies inside your PSVR.
  3. Another reason is that the visor adds the feeling of being in the movie.
  4. 3D glasses are too dark for most and a hassle to use on top of  normal glasses etc.
  5. The colors and brightness in 3D are really good with the visor compared to a 3DTV.
  6. The whole 3D feeling with PSVR works for everyone and needs no – getting adjusted to – , Instant 3D feeling and no need to look at the center of the screen to get the full effect.

One negative thing though, the quality of the picture is not as good as your TV and you might have to recalibrate the headset every now and then (depending a lot on the room you sit in. i had to recalibrate twice in 2 hours, a friend had to do it 5 times etc).

Recalibrating is annoying as hell but it’s not a big enough problem to make it a reason for not to watch a movie with the PSVR, why on earth there are random drifting is a discussion for another time but I’d say that Sony should look into (they most likely are lol) this problem and see if they could tweak it for the Cinematic mode…

How to use your visor for 3D movies then?

It is as easy as inserting a 3D Blu-ray into your PS4 while having your PSVR powered on, when you click the movie icon then you will get this screen after a while, just follow the instructions and you are good to go.

For some odd reason, this screen is not possible to see more than once per 3D movie, I’d expect Sony to push this screen more…

I also recommend that you switch to Large screen size in settings, you can change this whenever you want with a few clicks with a simple press and hold the PlayStation button to call up the menu, select PlayStation VR and then select screen size, all this happens while you see the picture/movie in the background.

This article ain’t meant to be a review or anything like that but more of an information piece about what I personally think that every single PSVR gamer out there should know about, the possibility to use PSVR for 3D movies and maybe most of all that Ready Player One was god damned brilliant inside the visor.

Its been years if not decades since last time i liked a movie as much as this one, best movie from Steven Spielberg in a long time.

Thanks for your time.

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3 thoughts on “Enter the Oasis With Ready Player One Inside Your PSVR

  1. Now I know what you meant with “your wallet ain’t safe”…..
    I already have the standard version of this movie. I guess I have to buy the 3D one now… LOL!

  2. Yeah great movie, maybe ill try it on psvr to. Not that i have psvr at moment but i do like the thought of this movie and i know its old but avatar. My tv and 3d just. wasnt good enough for me. Buy things move on and maybe vive or psvr is way to go for these things.

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