With the outbreak of COVID19 still spreading around the World, Square Enix decided to start shipping the game earlier than originally planned to meet the due date of April 10th. People around the World (or, at least, around Europe) have been receiving boxes for days now. I had my Deluxe Edition this morning but, since many of you might not have been this lucky, I decided to only review the box content to avoid any possible spoiler, as kindly requested to players by Square Enix itself.

So here are the contents of this physical edition. First off: the standard game box, with its double-sided cover (pick the one you like). I already knew from the Net that this remake was huge, mainly for the decision of Square to give unprecedented depth to the City of Midgar. The shocking thing is that this game is spread on two discs, the first one being a DATA one, while the other is the game itself.

Second, here is the beautiful steel case:

Third, a very nice Art Book (60+) pages, depicting main characters, locations, gears and stuff. Here is a brief selection of them:

Finally, the box contains the game soundtrack, twelve tracks in total, that promise to take the player to where he/she left 23 years ago. All considered, we are facing a nice edition which seems to be well worthy of its price. Now let’s see if the remake, 23 years after, will leave up the expectations. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “FF7 Remake Unboxing

  1. I take this opportunity to confess.
    Until recently, I thought of Jessie as a yuffi kisaragi. LoL

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