After the introductory article on the Disaster Report world published a few months ago, it is now time to take a look at the demo. Latest installment of a long-lasting franchise, this fourth chapter also features a VR mode that puts you right in the middle of a terrible earthquake. The game starts with the usual choice of character (male or female) and, after that, you’ll soon be rolling down the streets of a typical Japanese town. From the very beginning, you will be presented with a series of alternatives that don’t really change your gameplay but that will give you experience and moral points.

After the earthquake hits the city you’ll gather with others in an open space that also serves as a saving point for your game. Moving around is very dangerous since the earth keeps shaking and urban features will soon collapse around you.

As written in the preview the game is all about cooperating with others (or denying help to others) to overcome difficulties (or to achieve a vantage point) and escape the disaster. The demo is all about side quests, which are actually not that fun, but I understand that these games usually need a few hours before really taking off with the plot.

In a time of real disasters and emergencies, I realize that a game like this one could help us to exorcise some of our fears, but for the time being, I don’t feel like playing it. Maybe its time will come, but right now I just need some action.

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