I Really Need To Send These To Tony :(



I suppose you’re wondering what it is. Well, it’s a bundle of boxless  ps1 games.

Tony sent them to me to post on but I’ve had an awful year this last 8 months what with bankruptcy medical problems, an operation as well as crime rearing its head I’m surprised I’m still sane. And to be honest I forgot all about them. And I also forgot royal mail wanted 40 pounds to send them to Norway FFS.

Well, it’s now one of my resolutions to get them sent.

I have also just come back onto ps4 so my username is Orbilator in case you all forgot lol.

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4 thoughts on “I Really Need To Send These To Tony :(

  1. Omg m8, i had no idea:(

    Good to see you back, i’ll wire the money ofcourse but hmm boxless? Lol, my memory sucks alright.

    Nontheless, great youre back! Missed you!

    1. They didn’t come boxless but every single box they were in was horrendously broken and cracked. I removed them. And wrapped them individually with manuals discs and front and back covers lol

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