In a world once devoid of unexplored dungeons, by using the latest advances in technology the ability to delve into the undiscovered has become a reality again. With the capability to materialize new labyrinths from files, a plethora of loot and danger awaits on everyone’s hard drive. At the thought of striking it rich, more guilds are forming to take on client demands by sending adventurers into their files.

Join a startup riding the waves of this surging industry and put your skills to use. The terms of questing are the same as always, the pay is great, culture is there, and screw having a healthy work-life balance. Some enjoy the life of white collar adventuring, but is this really the job you were hoping for?

This is how A:\dventure, the latest game on development by nhydock at is introduced. We are here dealing with a PC title, a thing that we do not do often yet, here at AmigaGuru, we are always very sensitive to the good stuff, as this game seems to be.

A:\dventure’s focus is to consist of hand-crafted character conversations and world-building, but also providing a richer gameplay experience while distilling down the content and features to be quality over quantity. This game is a much more traditional JRPG-lite experience with minimal roguelike qualities still present.

Adventuring is the same ol’ pick a file and go, but is based on mission-oriented questing. Leveling up party members is important to your survival, as is managing your equipment! 

As you might have already understood, we picked this game up because of its peculiar nature both in terms of gameplay and of look and feel. A:\dventure is a PC title with an exquisite taste for a retro appearance based on very strong pixel-art skills; also, despite being disguised with a fantasy set-up, you are actually working with the computer the game is installed on.

Once you accept a quest you will have to choose a file from one of your own directories; said file will be the seed upon which a dungeon will be procedurally generated, and you will then have to enter that dungeon and explore its floors knowing that the bottom one will hold your treasure. By exploring and getting lost in dungeons generated from your Files, by fighting against monsters and other guilds to complete profitable contracts, by managing your resources and save your guild from exorbitant debt you’ll experience working in the IT industry in a way that’s as cool as everyone wishes their job could be.

A:\dventure is actively in-development and features dialog rich story with tongue-in-cheek humor, an original chiptune soundtrack, strategic combat inspired by classics like Vagrant Story and Fallout, together with classical low-res art and presentation.

I believe this game has great potential, something that makes my spine tingles despite I’m obviously no Spider-Man. Please support the dev: he sure deserves it!

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