It’s T-Rex Time. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD


There’s something about Dinosaurs, we all love the mystery about them yet there is way too few games and movies about them. There have been 3 Dinosaurs games on the PS3 so far and while Turok was the most known one I’d say it was also the most boring one.
Carnivores HD is my first game in the series as the old ones seem to be only on formats i never owned or ones i was too stuffed with games on.
The game is basically a remake and downgraded version of older games, graphics and such is better than ever but the game itself is cut down to the minimum and more of an Arcade game, unlike the older ones.
Carnivores are all about hunting dinosaurs and at that, it does a really good job. It’s all about sneaking in on the gigantic creatures and then take em down with one of the various weapons you selected before entering the world \ Level.
The only way to get upgrades and weapons is to kill animals and the more pro you do it the more points you get. To get all the upgrades and weapons will require a bit of a grind but as you progress and level up to new maps you will automatically get enough points to not grow tired of the same weapons and upgrades.
The picture above: Here you can see the upgrades menu, everything from a side weapon (pistol) to footprint detector.

The worlds/maps in the game are open and varied although it is clear that there could have been even more of them if not everything on 1 map as there is no snow levels nor water levels (underwater would have been ace)

Carnivores is far from an action game and if you want an arcade you should look into Turok or The Jurassic.

A small video showing hunting with the Crossbow.

You got a progress system for killing dinosaurs, you can kill all you find but you will not get points for it unless you have a license for it. You need to buy licenses for the various dinosaurs and it is various limits to which ones you are allowed to kill for certain levels.
The picture above: The License system is shown.

Controls and general feel in the game are solid, it is fun to scan for weak points for every animal and then shoot it and best of all these creatures is so huge that it is rewarding.
The T-Rex is the last dinosaur you get a license to kill for and chasing that one down and killing it exhausted me totally when i first killed one.
The various main weapons are found in this menu but watch out for the buy/sell feature. As soon as you deselect your weapon you will sell it, selling it will mean you lose money on it.

EDIT: added the missing pictures and text… Oops!.

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