When I think about Final Fantasy XIII, what comes in my mind is a game with a nice soundtrack, elegant character design, interesting story, beautiful graphics but TOTALLY crippled by a game mechanic that changes you “on rails” completely hampering your exploration experience.

This is how my FF13 collector’s edition review started, a few months ago. That experience was so terrible in terms of “consumed” time that I totally skipped the 13-2 edition.

Now, making good use of a well-tested engine and primarily concentrating on the story, Square Enix is publishing the latest installment of Final Fantasy 13. This game will also be the last one as far as PS3 is concerned (not counting FF14 online, that is), since the long overdue Final Fantasy vs 13 (under development since 2006 …) is now called FF15 and will come out on PS4 only (WTF!)


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As usual, this product has a very nice intro, and from what I could see from the demo (available on PSN), it has a lot of more action in it, and better exploration capabilities. Now you can directly hit your enemy without going through cascading menus, and you can change Lightning outfit (and abilities) just pressing the dorsal triggers. Only time will tell if this is a good product or not, yet I don’t think I will get the full game: I love Final Fantasy games but their heavy grinding nature will keep me away from it, at least for the time being.


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Lightning Returns: out February 14, 2014.

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