A few weeks ago the gaming world was heavily shocked when SEGA announced that sales of its latest game Judgment (Judge Eyes in the original edition) were interrupted after the arrest of actor Pierre Taki who plays the role of Kyohei Hamura in the game. Such arrest, born from possession and use of cocaine, really put the publisher at stakes since Taki is a famous actor that not only gave his distinctive likenesses and voice-over to a character in the game but also appeared in movies like Attack on Titan and Shin Godzilla, besides dubbing Olaf in Disney’s Frozen.

With THIS article, taken from Play-Asia, SEGA reassured western fans that [they’ll still release the game in the West as originally planned. Which means Judgment will still be released in the Western regions on the 25th of June this year. As of the moment, all the assets for the game such as screenshots and trailers featuring Kyohei Hamura have been temporarily removed. The company continued, “Updated versions of these materials will be made available at a later date.”]

We will keep this game under our radars. For the time being, more information about it are available through the Official Website.

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4 thoughts on “New Actor for Kyohei Hamura in SEGA’s Judgment

  1. Yes, this was good news.
    In the first place, Sega has no way to leave this work.
    There might have been consideration to various development parties, but I want to give applause to the decision of Sega this time. ^^

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