Six years ago a groundbreaking game was published from Naughty Dog, one of those games that once played there is no way to forget. The original The Last Of Us was fully covered on this blog with many, many articles and since then players across the planet have waited for its next chapter.

Although in the past year or so a few trailers have surfaced the net, we never had a released date until a few hours ago, when Naughty Dog finally revealed the long-awaited news.

Once again Sony’s State of Play proved to be a very meaningful event and details about the gameplay and the not-so-important-but-aways-appreciated Collector’s Edition have already warmed up our hearts.

We will get back to TLoU II often in the near future to keep you posted about this new beautiful experience, so stay tuned on AmigaGuru‘s blog. For the time being, sit back, relax and enjoy the reveal trailer.

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