Tiny Little Slug is one of those games that I have been anxiously waiting for and that for a good reason, as not only was it a new Amiga game but a rather good looking platforming game in the style of Globdule and Steg The Slug.

The game comes in a big brown box and at first glance, the colours used scream yuck but then again this is a game about a slug so it sort of make sense right?

The front looks nice enough with a very cartoony feel to it.

The brown colours continue on the backside too but nicely rescued with some rather good design and placements of the screenshot boxes etc.

It’s far from ugly and while I don’t think it looks great it looks far better than many other boxes out there.

The manual continues the brown trend but again rescued by a good layout and lots of nice pictures and stuff that make you forget about the colours used.

The quality of the box and manual print and paper used is really nice and the glossy look makes it look professional.

A nice poster is inside the manual, love the simplistic style and I personally think this is much better than the brown stuff used for the packaging.

The big-box version I went for comes with both the CD32 (and Amiga CD) version as well as the floppy version, as a small note to everyone out there a digital download version is also made available when you buy the physical editions, this normally takes up to 24 hours after you have made your purchase.


Tiny Little Slug as a collector’s item works thanks to the minuscule market on the Amiga and while I like the box I must admit that at the same time I also dislike it. The funny thing though is that I like the quality and effort put into it but the price and colours drag it down. Luckily the game itself is rather good and the overall quality and presentation are way higher than first anticipated with sublime graphics and a pleasant music score. The gameplay is good although the levels are too big in my opinion and I find myself getting lost all the time. There are boss fights (Yuhuuu!) and side missions throughout the levels to help keep the player entertained and I personally loved the idea of side missions in such a game. Solid game, quality title and a pretty good big box release mean that I can warmly recommend this game to most gamers out there.

Want to know more and maybe buy the game? Head over to the APC-TCP/Amigashop right away. (Select version you want in the pulldown menu)

PS: Sorry for the lame photos used in the article, I will try and fix that as soon as I get the time to do proper ones.

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2 thoughts on “A Look At Tiny Little Slug For The Amiga

  1. I do not think this game got the credit it deserve. It is actually a very clever game. I understand that it is easy to get lost in the quite big levels but once you solve the puzzles it is not that hard.
    Here is my walkthrough on A1200, CRT monitor. My rating of this game would be 9.


    To me this game is up there with the best Amiga game releases last years.

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