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You might remember my last few posts about the return to Amiga of Mutation Software and how they re-released 3 of their Amiga games to test the market a while back? 

Well, all the games sold out several times and they produced more of all the games in order to make the collectors and fans out there happy, digital sales are still going but I never asked how that went in terms of sales.

There are plans to do another run of the games (if requested) after the launch of the brand new title Wiz, the game that this blog entry is all about.

Wiz – The Quest For The Magic Lantern is the name of their upcoming game which is due later this year if all goes as planned.

The game will be for the AGA chipset and for standard requirements and come on a floppy disk(s), I have tried to suggest a CD32 version but nothing has been decided yet.

All the pictures shown in this thread are Work In Progress stuff so they might look different from the actual product in the end.

The game looks amazing and there’s a very cute feel to it which helps to set the atmosphere just where a game like this should be, well for me anyway.

Another lovely set of screenshots of the game. Details, details, and more details.

Lovely crafted graphics, wonderful music, superb gameplay mechanics, wonderful parallax scrolling are some of the features I expect to see from Mutation Software at this point, his last Amiga platformer was good but with 24 years more with experience in the field makes my Amiga flame go into total lava mode 😉

Am I right to be hyped? I believe so and I will do my best to promote the project (like I do with most Amiga projects) and for once I hope that people won’t have all those excuses for not buying the game.

You can follow the progress on their website.

Make Amiga great again, support all projects out there, they deserve it!

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