Such a busy life, I’ve been living lately: playing like I mean it (PS4, mostly), writing about games, writing about game coding, attending fairs across Europe like the wonderful Amiga34 in Neuss (Germany) or the incredible Lucca Comics&Games, reading novels, reading mangas, studying Japanese and so on …

Despite the fact that most of my time is being absorbed by the PS4 or the Amiga systems, it is no secret that I would like to go back to where it all started (for me anyway): the 8-bit period.

I already published various articles on the blog about this matter (all filed under the “8-bit Vengeance” subtitle) but this time, instead of dreaming about it, I’ll just show what passionate and dedicated coders can achieve on machines that most people out there consider long-time dead.

I am a Sony and Commodore Amiga fanboy, meaning with that that I’m not interested in playing/coding on other devices, but that’s only due to the lack of time: I do respect all platforms and I believe that the true meaning of the expression “console war” should have simply meant “better products for everyone”.

For this reason, today I decided to post a few videos revolving around the Acorn Computers, namely the Electron and the BBC Micro. Please enjoy the following short videos, true masterpieces as far as I am concerned. They were made by Twitter users @electron_greg and @0xC0DE6502.



Also, I wanted to thank @CommodoreBlog for brightening my day up every single morning with his fun posts…

Finally, I decided to close this article where it all began, this time as console only: the original PS1.

Keep the faith alive, 8 bits at a time!

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