I have no idea where it all began but Color Shooters for me kinda started with Radiant Silvergun (Saturn) and Ikaruga (Dreamcast), fantastic games btw, but since then there has been a few memorable attempts but mostly copycats or a halfbaked mish-mash of various genres.

Huenison is a Color shooter/puzzler and it is a mish-mash of most genres around and a shitload of old-school games have played a huge part forming this game into a lovely soup of “retro-shooter ala abstract puzzler”.


The game is like no other game but at the same time it feels very familiar as it’s a little bit of everything and based upon what the website says: Huenison takes various elements from Arkanoid, BOH, Decathlon, Dyna Blaster, Impossible Mission, Oil’s Well, Pac-Man, Pang, Qix, Slam Tilt, Space Invaders, Tetris and Vital Light, and puts them together in a hectic arcade mix.


The very first impression you get when the actual gameplay pops up is that it’s a Space Invaders type of game but then you realize how your “spaceship” has 6 colors on it and that you change the colors by using one (2 actually, 1 rotate anticlockwise and the other clockwise) of the action buttons and that when you fire a bullet the color has to be the same color as the block in order to remove the block and the more bullets you fire the faster everything goes so, in the end, this game will be one heck of a turbo puzzle shooter extravaganza.

The picture above shows only 2 colors but if you look at the picture below then you will realize that this game gets hard fast if you’re not playing it “properly”.’


Huension is one heck of a game, i am not mastering the game yet but i still love the concept but there are so many things to follow that i need a proper joystick to be able to really play this as i suck at keyboard gaming (i got the joysticks in one of my boxes here, I just need to find it.. (still moving …or unpacking anyway).

Huenison managed to jump to first place on the IndieGames.com website and that alone should be a good enough reason for all Amiga owners to buy it, even those who haven’t owned or used an Amiga in years but claim they do.

You don’t need to be a shooter fan to like this game and you don’t have to be a puzzler fan either as this game is just about as hybrid as it can get and one that you have to try in order to make an opinion about.


The game is littered with Options and screen modes and what not, it aims to support all nextgen Amiga hardware and that ain’t no easy task due to the big jump between very slow (for instance Radeon 7000 32mb..) to very fast hardware(Hd Radeon cards etc) and i can safely say that it ran very nicely (perfect?) on all my setups here. The Music and sound in Huenison is a pure retro-styled theme, wonderful music and the whole thing ooze quality, gameplay, music and the total feel.

EDIT: The game also features an online high score table, a good feature to compare and motivate you to do better.

A video of the game can be found here:

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