The love for the Commodore Amiga is far from uncommon in today’s gaming scene although most of it goes into small references and nothing like the stuff you can spot inside the first minute of SUPERHOT VR.

The amount of Amiga’s spotted within a few minutes in this game is nothing short of amazing!

An Amiga 1200 spotted on the desk, tucked in between an A3000(?) and an odd looking monitor.

On the left side, you can easily spot an A4000 Desktop with a 1084S monitor on top of it.

Notice the green light… umm.

More A4000’s and another 1084S as well as another A1200 in the background there.

No idea why the front panel is busted open but i guess they wanted to mod it to spew more green light out of the floppy drive…

More Amiga’s spotted in here, they’re all over the place really.

So, what was the deal behind of all of this you might ask?, that is what i did anyway so i decided to contact the guys in the SUPERHOT Team, one of them responded quickly with some cool details.

Well they came from our art directors sentiment to old computers and general design of that time. You can also see similar nostalgia in “regular” SUPERHOT. GUI for example is inspired by Norton Commander.

I asked about their connection to the Amiga and if there was any real connection:

Hmmm not really. Part of the team (like, 2 guys) dabbled in demoscene back in the days but that’s it.

We were small brats back then, so we mostly played games on Amiga.

You might find some interesting stuff in our artbook

Marcin Surma being one of the brains behind the inclusion of the Amigas in the game.


The main menu ain’t the only place in the game that you will spot Amiga’s, it is all over the game by the looks of things really and i might do pictures of that at a later point if someone wants to see more.

Support the gang and show your Amiga love by buying the game, send them a message on Facebook or whatever, let them know that Amiga rules and how cool it is to see the Amiga in their game and even better – Let them know where you found out first (here).

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9 thoughts on “Insane Amount Of Amiga’s Spotted In SUPERHOT VR

  1. Hey guys, I’m the Metal Bee and today I continue my gameplay with the chaos and bullet time fun that is SUPERHOT. In part 2 we continue the Story mode and get to some absolutely crazy levels. I have to admit the story is a bit crazy so far but I have a feeling it will come together in the final. Thank you for watching.

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  2. Hey guys, I’m the Metal Bee here and today I’ll be playing SUPERHOT but with a small twist. The twist is that whenever I die, I’ll be sticking tape on my face. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy the video.

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        1. oh, nice 🙂

          btw, Superhot just passed 2 million sales this week 🙂

          That is some pretty good adverticing for our beloved Amiga’s :p

  3. I also noticed a software-failure Guru Meditation on screen when you enter the core on the Xbox version 🙂

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