Trap Runner Out Now – With Big Box Version TBA


Trap Runner was one of 2018’s best Amiga 500 games but up until a few days ago there was only a party version (albeit it felt very complete) from September, the final version is out right now and yes it is still free and still brilliant.

So what the heck is Trap Runner?

Well, it’s a Jump’n Run platformer with 50 fps scrolling, several layers of parallax and game mechanics that put many commercial projects to shame and for those who like to know what it was made in, yes it’s 68k assembler code.

Great graphics, a pretty good story and quite a lot of levels with enough variation to please most make this one of the best Amiga games of 2018 for sure.

The developer behind this game is no newcomer either and their last game for the Amiga was released a few years ago now with both a free download version and a full-blown collector box, our review can be found here

The digital publisher is none other than Retroguru, a site that got quite a few good games now and one of them was reviewed here a while back, the multiplatform release Hermes.

A proper review won’t happen here at the blog before the boxed version is released and yes there will be one later this year, here is a message from their publisher APC-TCP:

Physical release information: Trap Runner will be published by APC & TCP Germany! Please get in touch with andreas(at) He will mail you when the game is out as boxed release along with tiny goodies!

So make sure to send that email before it is too late, it will be a limited amount of boxes for sure and if they will ever do a second run is something that we won’t know for a long time.

Want to try out this wonderful game? , here’s the download link to the full game.

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