Here’s a little handheld/portable/mobile oddity that my 3-year-old son found in a local shop, well actually he found 2 different portables but i only bought one of them for now.

So for about 25 GBP, we got 120 games! , 120 sports games it says on the box and in the main menu of the game, little did i know that Tetris was a sports game but according to this unit, it is a sport.

Other games include a pretty decent platformer game and a few not-so-good ones.

There are even some driving games and shoot ’em ups too.


The specs on the back side of the box are:

Headphone Socket.

2.7″High-Resolution Colour Display.

Requires 3xAAA Batteries.

120 built-in Sports and arcade (huh) games.

Portable Game Console.


The specs on the front of the box are:

Earphone Jack 3.5mm


2.7″ LCD Display.

Built-in 120 games.

Portable Game Console.


The specs according to the unit itself:

Oplayer. (also the OS seems to be Oplayer(?).

2.5″ High-Resolution Colour Display.

DC IN 5V (for the optional charger)

Stereo Speakers.


120 built-in Sports games.

Mobile Game Console.

ON/OFF Button.

Pause Button.

Reset Button.

As you can see, not a single one is the same, it’s like one of those illegal items you buy in Hong Kong and shady places at tourist places but this one actually has a proper CE marking as i have checked it online.

Build quality actually feels robust, my son used it quite a bit when we went to Cyprus a couple months ago and it got sand and water on it, dropped it, as well as sun lotion etc and it still works.

My iPhone for instance would have died if it had been handled the same….

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