Test Case 1, Twitch Streaming…. – PAC-MAN PS3


I have been promising this for over a year now and last night i did a test game video on Twitch, it had 250+ viewers at the end of the test and i think it was a fun session..even if it was only for 10+ minutes and the final transmission was edited and cut down to around 4 minutes and then uploaded to Youtube for your pleasure.

I edited the presentation logo and did a more retro-inspired track, hope you like it… oh and yes everything done on the Amiga of course although streaming was done via Smartphones and tablet. (big thanks to all who helped me fixing these things together to be able to do all of this!.)

You can check out the new opening logo design /sound and footage here…

The video is just a simple Trophy guide for “cheating” getting unlimited lives between levels by using a little load level, exit and play the school place, i found it by accident so i thought i should share it. There are other ways if you check other videos but they are definitely more time-consuming…


I will do more stream tests soon enough and will try and announce it here before i start but some of the tests will only be announced in Twitch and on IRC.

PS: best tool on Amiga for adding a second sound channel is? .. i need one to add one for the microphone so you guys can hear my rants!.

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