Craving for Japan. OyatsuBox review.

Many moons ago I finally decided to travel to Japan, definitely a “promised land” for anime,manga and videogames lovers.
Of course Japan, as any Country, is much more than that, with its millennial history and breathtaking landscapes. As you guys might know, a 3-part very thorough review was published on these pages last year. What you probably just imagine is that it took a long time to plan the trip, a time in which I reviewed Japanese history, tried to get acquainted with the language and researched on food…

That’s how I came across OyatsuCafe, an on-line shop dating back to 2011, born to share Japanese treats with the rest of the world. A few years after, in 2014, a monthly subscription box of treats (candies and snacks) was created, assuming the OyatsuBox form it now has.

Before I proceed please let me make clear that Amigaguru’s Blog is neither related nor endorses OyatsuCafe: that’s why I decided not to give any details about subscription fees and the likes. What you are seeing here is just for the sake of sharing knowledge or getting a sneak peek on peculiar things – from all-time classics, hidden gems, to the newest releases. All these treats are neatly packed into a box along with a premium gachapon (Japanese capsule toy) and shipped directly from Japan to your door every month.

Having said that, here is a selection of one of the latest box I received ….

One Piece wafer

Kamen Raider (Masked Rider) gum candies

Gachapons rule! 🙂 Usually one item per box.

A full box content

I hope you guys enjoyed this brief little post. Should you be interested, you can find further details here. Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Craving for Japan. OyatsuBox review.

  1. sweetness :p

    have to say that the wrapping looks awesome 🙂

  2. I thought so, too.
    Rather than simply packed into cardboard and sent, it is sent in a package of pretty own design, right?
    I think this is a good service. ^^

    • It sure is! And the new owner implemented an airmail delivery service which is far more reliable than the previous one. Now the deliveries are always on time!

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