A Look At The Curse Of Rabenstein – C64 Edition


It is a fact that text adventures and semi-graphic adventures are living a second youth (or, maybe, even a third one). Here at Amigaguru, we covered the outstanding game from Pond Software more than once, with an unboxing of Hibernated 1 first, and with the game review afterward. This time we are dealing with the unboxing of The Curse of Rabenstein, a multi-format semi-graphic adventure published by Puddle Software, a game created by a common born from the staff of Hibernated. Once again, despite writing on an Amiga-related blog, I am reviewing the C64 version of the game. Yet, none of you will be disappointed by this review. Just keep on reading.

As usual, the box is made in high-quality cardboard and it has a nice choice of colors both on the front side and on the rear one, where screenshots give you a clear idea of what the game is about. The graphic puts you in the right mood right away.

As said, being this box for the C64 version it contains a 5.25″ floppy disk but, exactly like Hibernated, it also contains a Micro SD card which holds the images for many different formats: Plus/4, C16, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS. Take a look at the full range of versions here. Dealing with vampires, a Cross is always more than welcome.

The instructions manual may seem anonymous at first, but I like to think that it holds the essential and nothing more (meaning it in a good way). It’s made in Bristol board, heavy at the touch and with a nice choice of lettering on it.

Stickers and pamphlets complete the offer, together with an A4-sized poster feature the box cover. Once again, a nice add-on to the entire offer. All considered this physical edition is really a good one, even though I still regret missing the Hibernated1 All-in-one Edition and I hoped for a similar box for this game as well.

I’ll start playing this game in the next few days and I hope to have something to write about soon. For the time being, please show some support to the devs. They sure deserve it.

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