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It has finally come! That part of the year that I spend all hyped up, buying comics and plastic model was here again.

It has been a very rowdy one, where the current record of attendance was broken once again. And this makes it three in a row!

Last year the most popular Italian comics convention counted over 217 thousand total attendance during the four days of the fair. It looked like a record difficult to break, particularly if you consider that one of the most important conventions in the world – the San Diego Comicon- stops around 130 thousands people. Furthermore, the entire town of Lucca and near vicinities only counts about 87k.

But nothing is impossible here and the final count was 240.000 tickets sold (!!!!), without counting press, resellers and the thousands of cosplayers.

Here is a selection of what I saw. All pictures are mine, while the footage comes from the official YouTube channel.



The first day:

The second day:

The third day:

The last day:

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