Yo guys,

I just came back from Pisa Comicon #4. This convention started a few years ago as a basic cosplayer contest but, in time, it evolved into a more articulated way. A couple of years ago it also hosted ACube and the Italian Amiga magazine Bitplane, for which Nube wrote a very nice article.

Actually, the name CUSplay (instead of cosplay), has its origin in the location the contest is actually held, which is Pisa Centro Universitario Sportivo! (Pisa university sports center).

So, guys and gals, here we are:

– action figures
– comics
– games & retro games
and, naturally, cosplayers ……..
That’s all folks.

Anyway, at the end of October, we will be having a much bigger convention in Lucca. During the 4 days of exhibition, last year “Lucca Comics and Games” recorded 185K attendances (take in account that all city counts less the 80K inhabitants). Expect a much bigger report!


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