After years of development, the latest, astonishing game from David Cage’s Quantic Dream is almost here. Detroit: Become Human will be available on May 25th, but the wait is a little bit shorter, now that the official demo has been published.

Actually, this product may not be for everyone since David Cage’s main goal, to provide the most immersive experience ever, comparable with real-life simulation, has been widely acclaimed but has also received a lot of critiques. If you want a taste of it, you can just read a couple of old posts, one written by ToAks and the other one by myself, at the time of Beyond: Two Souls. Sadly these articles are still broken, but we’ll fix them soon. Sorry about that.

Unlike the previous works of Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophecy, aka Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond), this one is set in the near future, where advanced androids “live” side by side with human beings and carry out different kind of businesses. The demo protagonist, for example, is a SWAT negotiator named Connor.

The demo starts with Connors being summoned in a downtown apartment, to negotiate in a case of kidnapping…

To better enjoy the story I elected to use simplified controls, but the game also comes with a more complex layout for a most immersive experience. Anyway, your first objective is to get in touch with the operation’s commander…

From this point on, the game will progress in search of clues, in a way that closely resembles the one invented by RockSteady in the Arkham Series from Batman: Arkham City onward.

Everytime that you have a successful interaction, being it with people, the body of evidence or elements of the environment, a pop up will notify you that such an element has opened the possibility for a story branch: you can monitor such branches from the Pause Menu.

Once activated, this branching points will manifest in the form of multiple options, to be chosen with the standard DualShock buttons…

In the end, all your choices will have consequences and, like in real life, they can be fortunate or not, resulting in unbearable situations. For example … what would you do when the time comes, like in the following picture?

Well, I will not say now which choice I made but …. it was a success! ^^

Thank you for reading. See you out in Detroit!

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