So here I am, as promised, trying to entertain you guys until Tony comes back.

As said before, I apologize for not being present in the last few months, but hopefully, it will get better one day.

Once again, this will not be a proper review/preview, but I found this stuff while roaming the internet for inspiration yesterday and I bet you’ll like.

Zombies keep ruling in the 21st century and, while we are waiting for Dead Island 2, we already have something to crave for in the near future. This spin-off of Dead Island is scheduled to come out this coming fall, and promises a different time of gameplay with a third-person-view,
new interesting visual style (cell shaded),
a new setup (kinda into a dream … I mean, nightmare!) and possibly a different approach to challenge and investigation (what’s that camera for?).


In the meantime, enjoy the following video. Of course, it is not me speaking, but I guess you guys will enjoy the view. 😉

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