OH MY GOD!, Finally the new God Of War game is out and i couldn’t put it down until i completed it last night, just to have it said already, Ascension is a fantastic game and maybe one of the best looking games ever made but i guess that doesn’t come as big surprise due to God Of War III being one of the best looking games ever up till now.


No this is not from a QTE or Cutscene, none of the pictures in this article is actually as this game is so good looking that i wanted to kill myself all the time just to be able to stare at the gfx and while the game still has quite a few QTE’s it’s still far from annoying although reviews and reporters seem to think the opposite for some reason as its far from the amount the older GOW games had.

god of war
god of war

One of Ascension’s new features is the Online Multiplayer part which includes normal Battle 1v1, 2vs2 etc but it also has a Co-Op one which seems quite ok even though it’s just a horde mode(?) type of Co-Op instead of the campaign mode, there seem to be no cut downs what so ever in the visuals of the game here, an amazing feat!.

Carnage awaits in this God of War Ascension Evil Ways Multiplayer Trailer

Another shot of the Multiplayer, decent sized maps and they’re absolutely gobsmacking to look at, goosebumps all over me by just looking at these screenshots so you can only imagine how it feels when you play it!.


As always in the God Of War games… lush environments and the different locations and so on makes the game very fun to play and you keep wondering what is next even though you have played all the other 5 games by now.


Poster child, also the box shot of the normal version and a gigantic poster in the limited editions of the game.

Enemies are still very ugly to look at and killing them is a pleasure although some of the creatures can make you very sad due to the sounds it makes, for instance, the elephant thing one but still awesome looking and fun to slay it’s skull wide open and watch the brain details…

Two of the artbook style postcards pictured above as well as the extremely limited artbook.

I wish i could include more screenshots but these things will have to do for now as my equipment is broken and there’s so screenshots at the GOW: Ascension website that might be of interests to you, ah and yes there is the demo version too.


I bought the Special Edition version for now as the biggest version got lost in the post *cough* so more details later on.

Box looks nothing like the Normal version and the third versions which is kinda cool and i guess they have done that so collectors will get them all.


Steelbox design with an transparent over which has been standard for most if not all Special editions of Sony exclusives as of late.


The stuff inside the box… i must admit i found it too be very “empty” compared to other games, i hope the biggest version will be more interesting for us collectors *cough*.

Get the game guys, its awesome and while reviews have been mixed its still a game you want but you might struggle towards the end as there is an incredible difficulty spike there and Sony has promised to look into it and patch it if needed.

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