asd100It’s time to die again. Over the last 5 years or so we have been tormented by this game series from ” FROM SOFTWARE”.

It all started with the incredible Demons Souls, a game so hard that even the most hardcore gamers kept swearing for hours upon hours.

While hard it never got to the point where the difficulty broke the actual game, it stayed good although most casual gamers could not get past the first world due to their patience.

Bloodborne is the 4th game in the series, Demons Souls was PS3 exclusive.  Dark Souls 1 and 2 was multiplatform and Bloodborne is exclusive to the PS4.

I will play the game some more before i start writing about it, but i can safely say that this game is incredible, i got to the final boss in World 1 yesterday, my god, it looked incredible!, it was so cool that i died because of it as i kept looking at it instead of playing.  I lost my stash under the boss, lots and lots of XP.  I hope i will find it tonight!.

Stay tuned also if you guys want to see it in action then tune in to my Twitch account as i will stream there shortly.


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