Time is up. I enrolled in the US Air Force Special Ops unit and elected to be a paratrooper.
So now I am, together with my teammates and my instructor, right before the aircraft that will take me up in the skies: a C-130J of the Air Force.

The instructor gives out his briefing while we are up in the air and navigating toward the drop zone. After an intense ground training, we are reviewing the basic manoeuvres, getting ready to jump. In only a few minutes from now, the ramp and cargo door will open. Cool and fresh air will enter the cargo. It’s almost like to be born again.

We double check our gears: the parachute is tightly fastened on our back, the altimeter is set, the opening handle ready to be pulled.

The time has come. We reached the landing zone. Feet on the ramp, green light, GO!

What a blast! The falling speed is rapidly increasing. After a while, it stabilizes and I look around to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

The ground keeps coming closer, and it’s time to open the chute. Once opened, I grab the steering chords and start navigating toward the landing zone. My instructor is right in front of me, opening the way; my team mates just around.

I’m finally in sight of the landing zone. I pull the chords to slow down and I get ready to land. It’s gonna be a success, right at the centre of the landing zone.

I made it! I completed my training. I am now ready for the next step: to prove my skills in advanced combat. This time there will be no room for errors.

I’m back in the cargo. I power up my night vision goggles and my chem lights. One of our planes was shot down and our mission is to rescue the crew.

The cargo opens again. In the dead of night, we silently approach the crash site, only … 30.000 feet above it! We are coming to rescue you. This is our mission, this is our life. 3.. 2.. 1.. JUMP!

If you ever wondered how it feels to parachute from a military aircraft, you can now try the experience directly from your living room, provided that you have a PS VR device and a couple of Move controllers. The game is freely available for download on the US PS Store.

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