220.000 tickets sold, over 400.000 attendance in town, 900 reporters, 700 stands, 75.000 square meters of exposition sites. These are some of the numbers of 2015 Lucca Comics&Games fair, an event that now ranks first in Europe and second in the world after Tokyo Comiket.

DSCN2946 DSCN2943

As it always happens since the last few years, I spent a few days (and a bunch of hard-earned money) at the fair, and here I am, once again, to report what I saw.


The events are, of course, mainly focused on comics but naturally also movies and TV series are a big hit so there where many stands devoted to upcoming blockbusters such as Batman VS Superman and, above all, Star Wars Episode VII.

DSCN2985 DSCN3171

 DSCN2983 DSCN3166
DSCN3169 DSCN3165


As usual, the biggest stand of the fair is devoted to games, being them cards, board games or consoles/computers related.

DSCN3118 DSCN3117


Dozens of other shops where dedicated to comics, action figures, exhibitions, CG workshops and the likes, with authors selling and signing their novel or manga books.

DSCN3031 DSCN3102

DSCN3104 DSCN3102

DSCN3073 DSCN3046

DSCN3042 DSCN2945

DSCN3073 DSCN3039

DSCN2949 DSCN2957


Lucca Comics is an all-around fair that also hosts living “demigods” like Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and a big part of the fair is hosted inside a park which during the event is renamed as “Japan Town”.

DSCN3194 DSCN2968


An insane number of cosplayers is always present and, after its last day, the fair did leave me very satisfied, albeit nearly broke. The followings are a few pictures of what I bought.

DSCN3238 DSCN3237

A mention of honour goes, as far as I am concerned, to Maj. Motoko Kusanagi plastic figurine, a masterpiece that dates back to Masamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface 2.0” manga.

FSCN3250 FSCN3252

The following videos, take from the fair official YouTube Channel, a report in brief what just happened during those four incredible days.

The First Day

The Second Day

The Third Day

The Last Day

Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Lucca Comics and Games, 2015

  1. Very , very cool stuff!

    Littlebut hard to see what you bought but it is clear that you bought quite a bit ?

    Thanks for tempting me for the third time … Grrrrr

    I hope to be there next year!

  2. @Tony,

    I’ll see if I manage to add more pictures, but I basically bought a few movies from “Ghost in the Shell” series (now my collection is COMPLETE!), the entire “Steins;Gate” animated series, “Star Wars complete collection” (all 6 movies), a book about japanese robot collectibles (1963-1978) and other stuff including japanese cakes (mochi and dorayaki!!).
    I also bought a few movies from “Studio Ghibli” that were still missing from my shelves. 🙂

    And yes, you really should come. Next year will be the “50th Anniversary” and the fair will span on 5 days instead of the usual 4.

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