The Hobbit is finally here, a movie i have been waiting for since 2004 when the rumors went all over the interwebs that they might do another trilogy in Tolkien’s wonderful world of magic and fantastic storytelling.

S to the 12th, i have been reading lots of old articles from the books and stuff even up to the PS2 game released a decade ago.

So why do i mention The Hobbit in this Gamer blog? , well it’s easy, WHY hasn’t anyone made a game for this movie?, Snowblind studios should have done one, they’re more than capable seeing how War Of The North turned out minus the save game bugs/glitch.

I am not really that fond of movie tie-ins but when there is no game to this movie i must say i wonder what’s going on, is there some team working on it (Monolith?) (Snowblind?), but will release it next year? , was it canned etc.

Sad day, sad panda, sad fan.

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