The Story About POLYBIUS – The Arcade Game That Doesn’t Exist


It’s not often that you find YouTube videos here on the blog, but when something is done so brilliantly like this POLYBIUS movie, well, we just have to share it and make sure all our readers get to watch it too.

It’s getting old by now (September 2017) but still worth your time and most of all, a very entertaining story.

Make sure you try out Jeff Minter’s PlayStation 4 (and PS VR) POLYBIUS game too 🙂

A Look At Jeff Minter’s Polybius


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3 thoughts on “The Story About POLYBIUS – The Arcade Game That Doesn’t Exist

  1. I love this stuff! Being the video over an hour long I’ll watch it over the week end, but I took a look at the first minutes og it and it brings back so many memories of the good ol’ times.
    And yes, I did played the game in the VR version !!

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